The Farm

250 Years of Virginia History

A Paris, Virginia Estate

Our 700 acre farm, located in Paris, Virginia, is the jewel of the historic Shenandoah Valley.
Originally surveyed by none other than George Washington in 1768, the farm and its estate have a history that literally predates that of the United States. These 250+ years of history find their home in the steep and verdant pastures where we raise our renowned Wagyu beef and Mangalitsa pork.
We remain true to the area’s agricultural roots, while blending our modern practices of care and husbandry. In the same way that wine grapes are formed by the terroir – the soil, the weather and the terrain – our animals are also unique products of the Ovoka terroir.
Limited in the scope of our operations, we put extraordinary care into our herds, firmly believing that animals raised humanely in the most extraordinary surroundings will lead to the best meats possible to share with you.

Ovoka combines the best of old and new—250 years of Virginia history, shaped by a modern philosophy on farming.