Offerings From OVOKA

From Seasonal Shares, to one-of-a-kind Events and Experiences, we offer a rare taste of exceptional food and culinary exploration.



Membership in Ovoka’s Share program is extremely limited.  Those fortunate enough to join will receive, once per month, hand crafted selections of heritage beef and pork.

Each Share is carefully curated to accentuate the season’s best offerings from our herds, along with suggestions on how to prepare and partake in this bounty with your family and friends.

By preparing our offerings in your home, you will reconnect with your food and your world in a deep and meaningful way, far from the noise and distractions of today. It is through this connection and sharing that you will create lasting memories of meals and the company you keep.

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While the Ovoka-raised meats are always the centerpiece of membership in the Ovoka Shares program, we also provide other opportunities for connection.

Each year members are offered the chance to participate in events at the farm or nearby locations to learn from expert chefs and to gather for private parties with intimate meals and good conversation.


Ovoka is more than just a place – it is a spirit and a mindset that seeks connections and community. For this reason, we strive to bring Ovoka to other cities and regions across the country.

Our impromptu gatherings in noteworthy restaurants are extremely limited and invitations are extended first to members and then those on our waiting list. These events are the perfect settings to mingle, taste and get a sense for the Ovoka experience.


For wholesale inquiries please contact us at or at 206-419-1909