Our Offerings


Our exclusive monthly Offerings showcase our products through expertly curated menus for our Members to create at home. Ovoka's Offerings are tailored to be enjoyed both by families and with close friends - the service invokes and forges shared, tactile, and convivial experiences. Each monthly installment will include heritage beef or pork from our farm, recipe worksheets, a few surprises, and everything you need to create a unique meal.  

Additionally, each month's Offering will contain a selection of the world's most highly regarded products and local produce. Each element plays a supporting role in the presentation of our meats from the farm, enhancing the creation and appreciation of the dishes designed by our chefs from around the world.  



Thank you for your patience while waiting to receive an invitation of membership to Ovoka. 

We are deeply grateful to our loyal group of members and appreciative of their continued participation in our Offerings. Each year, we face the daunting task of sharing the culinary experiences we have discovered with old friends and new acquaintances alike. 

In an effort to provide fair access to our extremely limited Offerings, we have found that providing them exclusively through our annual membership program to be the most equitable solution. 

If you would like to be added to our Waiting List for Membership, please provide your contact information in the form provided. Your position on the Waiting List for Membership is based on the date you submit your form. As membership positions become available, our Membership Specialists will be in touch with you per your preferred method of contact. 

Thank you for your interest in our Offerings. We look forward to sharing our global gastronomic adventures, handcrafted products, and exclusive experiences with you. 

The Ovoka Team